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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:California, United States of America
I'm married, have not spawned offspring and dont plan to, enjoy the company of some canine little buddies, have grand plans for world domination but am a ridiculously dedicated procrastinator.
I may or may not have played a boardgame with a demon once.
I may or may not have had a long and involved discussion about buttprints in beachsand with a minor deity.
I may or may not have once had chocolate mousse for breakfast after an all-night D&D session.
I may or may not be capable of being utterly serious and utterly silly within a 5 minute span.
I may or may not have once dated a black-ops special forces dude type of guy.
I may or may not have once been shot at by a random weirdo running down the street.
I may or may not bother to ever confirm or deny any of this.

Interests (21):

(some) romance - just no non-fiction., au, country-western, fantasy, hamming it up extemporaneously whenever possible., horror, listing them all - impossible. similar to books., lots. no, misc crafty stuff., music (listening & singing), or that screaming into the mic stuff is., reading, really. theatre - acting, scifi, sculpting, some line art & watercoloring (rarely), speculative fiction, talking - i like to, watching actors act, way too many types - except rap, writing
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